St. Joseph Children Medical and Welfare Center.

St. Joseph Children Medical and Welfare Center is a facility for disabled children. Children and persons with disabilities mainly caused by perinatal hypoxia, congenital diseases or other origins are coming. Once, many children with cerebral palsy were coming to be treated with physiotherapy of Vojita training method. Nowadays, children with ASD(autism spectrum disorder) are also coming to be treated with occupational and/or speech therapy to get good communication skills.

Chronic nursing beds for disabled children and persons are there in Muginoho gakuen.

For new patients: Appointment must be done on the telephone(number: 075-462-7621) by attending doctor, there are a lot of patients having appointment in child neurology department. So, first physical examination by our doctor will be one or two months later.

Information of reconstruction of our institutional buildings.

The buildings of our institution must be reconstructed partly by the Japanese law of the safety for earthquakes.

Our institution will open same as before the reconstruction, but, sometimes, big sounds or the pathway to the wards will be changed inside of the hospital. Sometimes, short stay will be closed very shortly. The reconstruction will be done from this April to the December, 2017.

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience during the reconstruction. Thank you.

Dr. Shigeru Ohta, MD. PhD.